Happy. Wednesday.

Last night I knew I was getting sick. I could feel it. My head hurt, my throat hurt and basically my entire body ached. Not fun. So today I woke up and went to Target, my all-time favorite store, to get some Theraflu. That is all I needed, just one package of Theraflu. But who can go into target and leave with exactly the one thing they went in to buy? NOT ME! 🙂 I get trapped in Target every time I go there.  Today not only did I get the Theraflu I needed but I also bought some Winter Squash soup as well as some Tomato and Herb soup, an Odwalla C-Monster drink, an orange, dog food, pig ear treats (for dogs) an Us Weekly and some greek yogurt. I’d say that is pretty good for me.

So now here I am, sick as a dog at work because I don’t have very many PTO days left, enjoying my Theraflu, Odwalla C-Monster and my Us Weekly. Not a bad day at all considering where I am. Kick in Theraflu, kick in!!!

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