Day 13 – Favorite board game

This one is easy. Not only is the following game my favorite board game, but it has quickly become my favorite game on my phone as well as one of my favorite apps on my good old cracked Iphone.

After searching for the perfect picture, I find quite a few, one which truly is a gem. That one I will save for last, lucky you.  🙂

The fave game is:


the tote looks like this:

what do you heart?

you can even play this game outdoors…..

Scrabble in the jungle, we've got fun 'n' games. ~guns N' roses

take it on the go….wherever you may go…..

even on my celly

some might just prefer to play scrabble this way….

can you spot the Coppertone 45?

I know I know its like a train wreck, you can’t stop staring…

so yes, i LOVE SCRABBLE! whats your favorite game?

Day 12 – A prized possession

a prized possession? does this possession have to be something I own because if that’s what this challenge thing means by possession out goes my house- that’s a rental, out goes my car- the bank has my title, out goes my cell phone—that’s a piece of junk… so when you boil it all down i don’t really have (m)any possessions.  my favorite ring would probably be the closest thing i have to a prized possession, because its just about my only possession and I wear it every day.

my one little possession.

however, i do have one other possession as of recently. can you guess what that is?

i know i need a manicure.

i know it looks nice and glossy like an acrylic, but that is all natural baby! the last time i got a manicure “tammy” went ahead and made my thumb nail look square, probably because she was mad I didn’t want “Critol Gel”… If you are asking yourself right now what the F is “Critol Gel”. Let’s get this straightened out, answer the following questions:

1. Are you male or female?

-If you answered male, just stop here, unless of course you have ever had your nails done.

– If you are a female, and still confused please continue.

2. Have you ever had your nails done?

-If you said – Yes, duh, of course, every week, or some other answer similar to this then think back to the last manicure you had where English was only spoken by the clients- if you know what I mean. (this would be one of my new favorite places BTW)

– If you said No – go get a manicure NOW, requirement being you cannot spend more that $13 on it.  I suggest thinking of a word that starts with V and sounds like “me-at-nom” or maybe more like “sakibomb” (someone get me a drink stat).. Answer – you can only go to a Vietnamese place, then come back for attempt two.

3. If the name Anjelah Johnson does not ring a bell, check this out

4. Now, do you know what “Critol Gel” is?

-you are welcome.

Day 11 – Your favorite food

First things first,  I LOVE FOOD. Some of my favorite foods are Thai food, shrimp- I can put shrimp on anything I eat and I love it with my ultimate favorite meal which I will post below, toast with butter, breakfast sandwiches, pasta – plain with butter and parm. cheese, pizza, tacos, Popsicles, frosted mini-wheats, ooh I love all cereal, buffalo chicken wings obvi, soup, yogurt, sushi yep i love sushi, ahi tuna from elways is ah-may-zing, and well I could go on and on and on as you can see. But, my favorite thing to eat, the dish I can eat in a variety of ways for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe even for my fourthmeal (yeah, forthmeal you know like taco bell’s ads say) and  leftovers of this dish are pretty good too.  Drum roll please….. dun dun dun dun dun dun dah!


In fact, I love mac and cheese so much that my friend actually made me a mac and cheese birthday cake last year.  It does NOT get any better than that.

yep, theres a birthday cake inside the gem
close up of the dream cake
just a small piece for me, thanks.

oh yeah and the cake was the funfetti kind, bomb! i know what you are thinking now  —- “Dang, now what kind of a cake am I going to make michelle this year”, well you know what folks, I love cakes of all kinds and in all shapes and sizes, get your minds a turning and your kitchen a cookin’ cause my bday is March 24th. GO!

whats your favorite food?

Day 9 – A talent of yours

my newfound talent you ask?    knitting.

when you give up biting your nails you have to find a new "talent"

this might be more of a hobby but I don’t care this is my challenge. haha. what the heck is that in the picture above, you ask. well that is called knitting in the round and it’s how you make hats, and socks, and infinity scarves and a whole bunch of other cool things.  you start with the picture above and a few hours later voila (spell check that cause I’m not french)….

.model not included.
.she is still not included.
.magically turns into blue.

so yes those are just two of my projects, but I’m seriously obsessed. and you know what, I will call this whole knitting thing a talent because when you ask me to make you a scarf, or hat, or blanket you will want me to use this new talent to make you some cool shiz.

now taking orders…

Day 8- A picture of the best moment of your life

A picture of the best moment of your life? I can’t even think of the best moment of my life. I can think of some really good times and some really memorable events, but with little access to old photos and pulling most of my photos so far from the good old FB, Im a little stuck. However, when I go back home again I am going to grab a whole bunch of photos so when I do this again or something like this again I will have a fishbowl of photos to choose from.

For now one of the best moments was my big 2-1 birf-day. I am not one for birthdays, but if you know me you already know that. For some reason that night was so much fun and I loved every minute of it.

.you only turn 21 once.

if you look hard you can even see a happy little giv-ster in the back. from the look on his face I think he is thinking ” i wonder how many pitchers of margaritas I can down before we leave this place”…do you notice the gnawed off finger nails? cause I do.

everything about that day was great.

uno dos tres quatro cinco cinco SEIS

Day 6 – Your favorite quote, in your handwriting

I unfortunately didn’t really have a good quote….I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and couldn’t think of any quote that really stands out to me, or that I say, or that any one says to me. One thing that was always told to me when I was growing up, by the one and only Lou Kelly, was “michelle, I swear, if your head was not connected to your neck…” needless to say I had no idea what this meant when I was younger, but now as I grow up it makes sense and I find myself saying this to myself pretty regularly and for good reasons. you know those times when you ask yourself where are you keys and after looking around you realize they are in your hands? no, you don’t? well that is why Lou would always say this to me. So that is definitely something that has stuff with me, and just a funny thing I wanted to share with you.

As for my quote,  this is all i got. No Regrets- it is not something that is innate to me but something I tend to find myself saying throughout my life, because believe it or not we can’t go back in time, we can only go forward, and I have found to move forward in the best way is truly to have no regrets. To just learn and keep moving forward hoping that the next day is Wednesday so you can watch Teen Mom 2 online, unless of course you have cable. 😉

..this is all i got....

… and it definitely does not compare with my friend cari’s… she’s got this one on lock!

day 4

my oh my is using the internet on the weekends difficult when you do not have internet at home.  so i had to ghetto rig the internet from my neighbor by splicing the cord, using some cool tools, a lot of duct tape and no morals. just kidding i couldn’t actually do that with such short notice. so here i am a day late and i am sure more than a few dollars short…eat your heart out…

Day 4 – A picture of yourself 10 or more years ago

really, ten years+..this is not exactly my best look. maybe it is because of the inevitable bowl cut that spent about 9 solid years on my head but maybe not

where's waldo?

i know it’s not that hard, there is only one mexican in the class, scratch that there was probably only one mexican in that town and that was me. and no you cannot borrow those sweet overalls. feel free to send the jokes on over, won’t be the first time. 😉