They don’t call it NashVegas for nothin’

So what in the heck is this Nashville place all about anyways?

it's the big red dot

That is what I was thinking as of Thursday. However, I spent a good 52 hours in Nashville this weekend and I am pretty sure I should have just been born with a pair of cowboy boots on sayin’ yall and drinking some good ol’ moonshine. (Yeah that stuff is for realz!!!)

But seriously this place is AH-MAY-ZING!!! To wrap up my trip in a few short things I did:

~ate shrimp and grits for the 1st time ever, that stuff is awesome~
~ saw a real live cowboy, actually I saw about 1 million but only one of them was that memorable.
we couldn't stop taking photo's of this "cowboy" if you will. i mean the chest hair. the guitar pick necklace. the perm. that hat. it was AWESOME.
saw elvis.
found out that Honky Tonk is an actual thing.
came face to face with a real live cowboy boot. this is when i knew the southern life was for me. and I went out on a mission to find the biggest cowboy boot in town.
SUCCESS!!!! However, I passed out at the sight of this gem, but seriously that thing was enormous.
met some really amazing people who proved that southern hospitality is no joke!
they made us some peachy moonshine, that stuff will lay you out but it was scrumptious. (brewer you are getting way too much face time here)
dancing. enough said.
and I got to spend my whole weekend with two of the bestest friends you could ever ask for ❤
not to mention this guy. this guy= awesome.
and i cannot forget this gorgeous lady in blue. she is pretty much the coolest lady in that town.

So that picture re-cap is going to have to do it, at least for the edited version of our weekend. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for changing my life, I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Nashville and all you party animals. See you on the flip side. xoxo

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