day 4

my oh my is using the internet on the weekends difficult when you do not have internet at home.  so i had to ghetto rig the internet from my neighbor by splicing the cord, using some cool tools, a lot of duct tape and no morals. just kidding i couldn’t actually do that with such short notice. so here i am a day late and i am sure more than a few dollars short…eat your heart out…

Day 4 – A picture of yourself 10 or more years ago

really, ten years+..this is not exactly my best look. maybe it is because of the inevitable bowl cut that spent about 9 solid years on my head but maybe not

where's waldo?

i know it’s not that hard, there is only one mexican in the class, scratch that there was probably only one mexican in that town and that was me. and no you cannot borrow those sweet overalls. feel free to send the jokes on over, won’t be the first time. 😉

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