uno dos tres quatro cinco cinco SEIS

Day 6 – Your favorite quote, in your handwriting

I unfortunately didn’t really have a good quote….I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and couldn’t think of any quote that really stands out to me, or that I say, or that any one says to me. One thing that was always told to me when I was growing up, by the one and only Lou Kelly, was “michelle, I swear, if your head was not connected to your neck…” needless to say I had no idea what this meant when I was younger, but now as I grow up it makes sense and I find myself saying this to myself pretty regularly and for good reasons. you know those times when you ask yourself where are you keys and after looking around you realize they are in your hands? no, you don’t? well that is why Lou would always say this to me. So that is definitely something that has stuff with me, and just a funny thing I wanted to share with you.

As for my quote,  this is all i got. No Regrets- it is not something that is innate to me but something I tend to find myself saying throughout my life, because believe it or not we can’t go back in time, we can only go forward, and I have found to move forward in the best way is truly to have no regrets. To just learn and keep moving forward hoping that the next day is Wednesday so you can watch Teen Mom 2 online, unless of course you have cable. 😉

..this is all i got....

… and it definitely does not compare with my friend cari’s… she’s got this one on lock!

2 thoughts on “uno dos tres quatro cinco cinco SEIS

  1. Maggie

    Haha shout out to mama lou:) i hope you find an appropriate time to share the spilt milk and syrup story…ahhh the good ‘ol days! loving the blog girlfriend!

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