Day 9 – A talent of yours

my newfound talent you ask?    knitting.

when you give up biting your nails you have to find a new "talent"

this might be more of a hobby but I don’t care this is my challenge. haha. what the heck is that in the picture above, you ask. well that is called knitting in the round and it’s how you make hats, and socks, and infinity scarves and a whole bunch of other cool things.  you start with the picture above and a few hours later voila (spell check that cause I’m not french)….

.model not included.
.she is still not included.
.magically turns into blue.

so yes those are just two of my projects, but I’m seriously obsessed. and you know what, I will call this whole knitting thing a talent because when you ask me to make you a scarf, or hat, or blanket you will want me to use this new talent to make you some cool shiz.

now taking orders…

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