Day 11 – Your favorite food

First things first,  I LOVE FOOD. Some of my favorite foods are Thai food, shrimp- I can put shrimp on anything I eat and I love it with my ultimate favorite meal which I will post below, toast with butter, breakfast sandwiches, pasta – plain with butter and parm. cheese, pizza, tacos, Popsicles, frosted mini-wheats, ooh I love all cereal, buffalo chicken wings obvi, soup, yogurt, sushi yep i love sushi, ahi tuna from elways is ah-may-zing, and well I could go on and on and on as you can see. But, my favorite thing to eat, the dish I can eat in a variety of ways for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe even for my fourthmeal (yeah, forthmeal you know like taco bell’s ads say) and  leftovers of this dish are pretty good too.  Drum roll please….. dun dun dun dun dun dun dah!


In fact, I love mac and cheese so much that my friend actually made me a mac and cheese birthday cake last year.  It does NOT get any better than that.

yep, theres a birthday cake inside the gem
close up of the dream cake
just a small piece for me, thanks.

oh yeah and the cake was the funfetti kind, bomb! i know what you are thinking now  —- “Dang, now what kind of a cake am I going to make michelle this year”, well you know what folks, I love cakes of all kinds and in all shapes and sizes, get your minds a turning and your kitchen a cookin’ cause my bday is March 24th. GO!

whats your favorite food?

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