Day 12 – A prized possession

a prized possession? does this possession have to be something I own because if that’s what this challenge thing means by possession out goes my house- that’s a rental, out goes my car- the bank has my title, out goes my cell phone—that’s a piece of junk… so when you boil it all down i don’t really have (m)any possessions.  my favorite ring would probably be the closest thing i have to a prized possession, because its just about my only possession and I wear it every day.

my one little possession.

however, i do have one other possession as of recently. can you guess what that is?

i know i need a manicure.

i know it looks nice and glossy like an acrylic, but that is all natural baby! the last time i got a manicure “tammy” went ahead and made my thumb nail look square, probably because she was mad I didn’t want “Critol Gel”… If you are asking yourself right now what the F is “Critol Gel”. Let’s get this straightened out, answer the following questions:

1. Are you male or female?

-If you answered male, just stop here, unless of course you have ever had your nails done.

– If you are a female, and still confused please continue.

2. Have you ever had your nails done?

-If you said – Yes, duh, of course, every week, or some other answer similar to this then think back to the last manicure you had where English was only spoken by the clients- if you know what I mean. (this would be one of my new favorite places BTW)

– If you said No – go get a manicure NOW, requirement being you cannot spend more that $13 on it.  I suggest thinking of a word that starts with V and sounds like “me-at-nom” or maybe more like “sakibomb” (someone get me a drink stat).. Answer – you can only go to a Vietnamese place, then come back for attempt two.

3. If the name Anjelah Johnson does not ring a bell, check this out

4. Now, do you know what “Critol Gel” is?

-you are welcome.

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