Day 13 – Favorite board game

This one is easy. Not only is the following game my favorite board game, but it has quickly become my favorite game on my phone as well as one of my favorite apps on my good old cracked Iphone.

After searching for the perfect picture, I find quite a few, one which truly is a gem. That one I will save for last, lucky you.  🙂

The fave game is:


the tote looks like this:

what do you heart?

you can even play this game outdoors…..

Scrabble in the jungle, we've got fun 'n' games. ~guns N' roses

take it on the go….wherever you may go…..

even on my celly

some might just prefer to play scrabble this way….

can you spot the Coppertone 45?

I know I know its like a train wreck, you can’t stop staring…

so yes, i LOVE SCRABBLE! whats your favorite game?

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