Day 15 – Your childhood home

Living in a different location from where you grew up and not having many (any) photos of my childhood here made todays photo challenge a bit tricky. However,  I have found a picture that closely resembles where I spent my younger renegade years.

pretty close replica

although this isn’t exactly my house, we did have a similar set up. Our neighbors house was they same style but your entered our stairs on the right side of the house I know that because my one of my most bestest friend eer growing up lived only 27 huge steps from my bedroom to her front door, yep 27 everytime! The other besties lived right across the street, 4 of them over there. 🙂

The best part about my neighbors was that not only did they have one kid my age, there were 2! Twins, for me growing up as an only child this was like a dream come true. Me and Mark and Marley, romping around the town, the three best friends.  I vividly remember the night I ran out of the house on a mission to save the (delicious) Lobster my mom had flown in as it was still alive. I went flying out of the door and tumbled down the stairs as I attempted to escape with Sebastian to Mark & Marley’s. Lesson learned – Stucco > Flesh every time. There was no white picket fence but rather the more realistic chain link fence, so much cooler I know. I also do think we had the dormer-ed roof on the sides as the upstairs was just one giant room, with a little room in the front. But we most definitely had bushes like that, I know because I broke my tail bone jumping from the porch over the bushes onto the snow mound a friend and I made. For future reference – NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

so yep, that’s it. love you marley.  🙂

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