Day 22 – Favorite cd that you own

favorite what? cd…what is a cd? that is a thing of the past these days and was definitely not an easy find…however, what i would really like to find now is my discman. that would be a sweet find, oh how i begged for one of those. not one of those sick, yellow and grey ones but the legit solid black one. if only i had a time machine…but i don’t so I just have my ipod, ghetto phone and laptop where I watch my fav shows snooki’s world aka Jersey Snore..zzzz and teen mom 2 which is amazing. speaking of, our trivia team Teen Mom 5 did awesome last night.

but back to the lecture at hand, if you want to listen to a good cd get the one below on itunes, i love it.

what a gem

5 thoughts on “Day 22 – Favorite cd that you own

  1. Gina

    Your blog is good. Now where is my prize.

    Ps- you forgot. Your favorite cd is my mix cd that had the bone thugs/Phil Collins “take me home” remix on it. Don’t lie.

      1. Cynthia Harmon

        I love my scarf and I tell people all the time that you made it. Unfortunately, all the people I go to school with knit too.

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