Day 44 – A hobby of yours

I was getting a bit worried when I saw the clock say 5:30pm and I hadn’t yet thought of the blog challenge at any point during the day. I procrastinated a few more minutes, but the thought of Monique or Cari thinking I was not taking this challenge seriously got me onto the computer typing this masterpiece. I surely do not want to be the first person voted off this blog challenge island if you know what I mean.

So when I went to check and see what the challenge of the day was I was quite relieved, a hobby of yours. This, for me is so easy, it is something I do almost all day every day. It is the reason my bf asks me if I am a 90 year old stuck in a 27 year old models body. 😉 So can you guess what my hobby is? Think of a cute little old lady, sitting in her rocker on the front porch, a glass of iced tea collecting moisture droplets on the plastic table next to her, hair in a bun, listening to some good old tunes…what do you think she would be doing as an activity? Chugging whiskey you say, nope that is not my hobby, well not all the time anyways. Playing skyfari, you know that game where you gaze into the cloudy  sky and try to find some sort of jungle animal in the clouds? Nope that is not my hobby, well not on a daily basis. Shooting a bb gun at those good-for-nothing squirrels that keep eating my daisys..nope, that is not a hobby of mine, well not yet. Alright already, what is my hobby, knitting? Booyah…this it is. My favorite thing to do, almost all day, everyday. I love knitting, hats, scarves, cowls, blankets, flower thingys, mittens, fingerless-gloves, and the list goes on and on my friend. I find it interesting that with my A.D.D a hobby favored by the elderly can grasp my attention for hours on end…so with that said if you are looking for something knitted please let me know, or visit my online store ( which is kind of under construction as I slave away day and night in my knitting factory trying to come up with cool stuff for all of you to don)…

my newest yarn addition. softest yarn ever.
whipped up a quick little flower for ya.
bubba wanted a headband too.

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