seriously need to catch up….

Day 45 – Your favorite food…..

hmmm… I am not sure who created this 100 day photo challenge…but I think we already went over this. 🙂 my favorite food, is and will always be, macaroni and cheese!
Day 46 – A picture of your favorite state

take me home...

Day 47 – A room in your house

brother darkness in the living room.

Day 48 – Your bestfriend

not sure if i have one best friend…or really if i have ever had just one. growing up i had two.

bf #1
bf #2

in no particular order…

but i must admit it is hard being such good friends with such gorgeous girls. not only are they beautiful but they are the most genuine individuals and kind friends. neighbors, school mates, friends. growing up with these two girls was amazing, wouldn’t change it for the world. xoxo

In elementary school  until 7th grade it seemed like everyone was a best friend at some point, i could have really used a reality show at that age like jersey shore or 16 and pregnant. Lets face it i could use a reality show at any time of my life.  Those years that go unpublished through photos at this time, what a shame. I have visions in my head right now of all the photos i have in drawers, albums, shoe boxes, etc. I wish I had access to photos to show you a few of them.  When I get a chance to get back to the motherland I will inundate you with photos of an awkward looking teen from the burbs of chi town. In 8th grade I was reunited with Chelsea aka chunk, who soon became my other half. Inseparable in all we did it was easy to see how our mom’s had been friends as well and we even had a picture of us when we were younger, i will most definitely post that gem as soon as I get it. . I basically moved on into her house the day I met her in 8th grade and unwillingly moved out after high school graduation…she is now an amazing photographer on her way to stardom, if you haven’t checked out her website you need to, she is amazing!

me, alina, rachel, chunk

i know what you are thinking when you look at this picture —————————————>

HOT DAMN!, I know, I pick great looking friends, what can I say. It just so happens that they are amazing individuals too, its weird how life  and friends turn out. Today, all of the “best” friends I have, I chose  and  they have chosen me. We each bring something to the friendship that keeps us wanting to be friends. All of my friends are really amazing, and of course I say that right, or else I wouldn’t be friends with them?  But seriously, friends are the family you choose, I am proud of my choices so far.  top ten fo life yo:)

me and laura = bffaeaeeiwdseoatt (figure that one out)

my long distance besties are alina and sarah b. No explanation needed. But even being hundreds of miles away and going a few days without texting, facebooking, talking on the phone etc, these two friends are very special and no matter how far away we live or how close we are, I know we will be friends forever, there is something special about these friendships.

In college, Moni was my numero uno. From the minute she became my roommate, we were inseparable. I blame my love of college and all my great memories there on her!

Today, here in this little town where i have found myself living for the past few years I have all those best friends plus more. All of you here know who you are: giv, boots, kristin, rita, al, melissa, kija, aimee, lindsey, tuma, nikki, cari, mari, stiney,  and yes sean, you too. just to name a few…feel free to make me feel like a bum friend by commenting.   🙂


Day 49 – A day your remember really well

this was the best day of work. ever.

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