Day 52 – A picture of yourself celebrating for getting this far

get up get up and get down

I am not quite sure that I actually deserve to put up a post for day 52. Reason being, I haven’t actually done such a good job with this challenge but I am going to go ahead and do something I am really good at: put the blame on someone/thing else. Yep, the fact that I am not able to keep up with the challenge on days that start with S is because of a few things:

~ comcast- Comcast inhibits me from adding to my blog on the weekends because they charge to much for the internet, I mean what is their monthly service charge for anyways? I would really like someone to explain this to me in layman’s terms. Why must you charge me $50.00 a month for internet, why not $5. I am not asking that much, I won’t even use the internet at home during the day during the week I promise. I mean, I just don’t get it, can’t there just be a set-up fee and then I can go on my way into cyberspace and do the facebook stalking and reality tv watching that I need to survive for $5 a month?

~comcast – On a more positive note I did just cave to the monopoly that is Comcast, I recently got cable. Living for so long without it was fine, I didn’t actually care. The only time I felt like I was really suffering was on Sat/Sun mornings when the only options are japanamation, chuch, church in spanish, and a never ending infomercial channel dedicated to the famous pajama jeans ( yes you get the free book light and chia pet when you order in the next 10 minutes plus an additional pair of pajama jeans). enough said.

~apple – Apple is to blame because my lovely laptop is slowly dying a sad death, and this laptop is not old by any means. The mouse pad no longer works (track pad for all you nerds out there). so yeah, with my computer not working properly I don’t even know what I would do if I had internet.

~ red wine – red wine + wine glass + my house = empty wine bottles and headache.

~sunshine – The Sun keeps coming out and bringing us such nice days, therefore I cannot bring myself to stay in and pity my internet-less  self.

~ chicken wings – These are always the problem for me. I love chicken wings, and therefore I cannot blog on the weekends at this point in my life because I would rather be eating buffalo chicken wings, can you blame me?

thanks for sticking around this are a real trooper!

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