where in the world is carmen san diego?

This is how I feel today…where oh where have I been. After spending the last day or two sorting through all the fan mail I received while on my second mini hiatus, I felt the need to belly up to the PC and make some magic happen on this blog. You are welcome in advance, but before I catch myself up on my 100 day challenge, I am sure you are wondering where the heck I was and boy do I have a story for you…more of a picture book kind of story, but I am sure you will appreciate it. 🙂

On day 53 of my 100 day photo challenge, I decided I would wait to update my blog until after my doctor’s appointment, had I know I was going to see Dr. Kevorkian’s  brother I would have gone ahead and made my “final” post.  But like most situations I unfortunately find myself in, I prevailed.

So on that fateful day, I headed out of the  work office and into the podiatrists office. I will go ahead and say it now, NEVER GO TO A PODIATRIST (or at least one with clowns and craft fair dolls all over his office).  The events unfold, in the picture book below, edited version. Explicit version available upon request.

At first glance doesn't seem that bad...oh wait is that chucky and what is that on top of the filing cabinet?
ahhh more of those craft dolls, should have left the podiatrists office at that moment.
sat through the "painless procedure" staring at the clown creature. sign number 3 this was not a good idea.
after a night of no sleep, a few tears and a lot of ibuprofen this is what i saw. save the cankle jokes, i can't see my ankle either.
went to the hospital. unwrapped my foot and this creature appeared. got meds. went home. slept like a baby with a shrek foot.
painkillers. antibiotics and staph. OH MY. continued to clean it and soak it for the next few days, hoping one of these days I would walk again.
toes started to look dead. so i went ahead and drained them. it was not a pretty sight.
the best part about the infection, the pretty assortment of pills i "got" to take to make me all better.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I woke up with this pattern on my body. Off to the ER I go.
I left the ER feeling a bit loopy with this lovely little band aid from the IV.
A nice, after hospital meal. Courtesy of Chef Me.
today, only two bandaids! Happy to have all my toes, but of course this situation would only happen to me.

THAT IS HOPEFULLY THE END OF THAT!!! As for the blog challenge, I will being catching up on that this afternoon and be all good to go tomorrow.

One thought on “where in the world is carmen san diego?

  1. Alina

    Screw the clowns, there is a giant display for CROCS in the lobby. That would have done me in straight away!

    This story better make it to the main page of Yahoo! Let it be a lesson to us all.

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