im catching up… i swear.

Day 53 – The last thing you bought

strawberry cheesequake...ummm extra cheesequake?

Day 54 – A picture of yourself from middle school

where's waldo?

Day 55 – What your wearing today

so colorful, what can I say. You may notice I am not wearing a band aid, letting my war wound heal up.

Day 56 – A drawing of your favorite cartoon charcter

we did not have cable.

Day 57 – Everything inside your purse/backpack/wallet

long sleeves, passport, headphones, planner, yarn, toothpaste, fork? what else could I need.

Day 58 – Your favorite animal

how cute is this little guy, just boppin' around the desert!

Day 59 – Your most used electronic device

good old handy, dandy, indestructable iphone. wait, what.

Day 60 – Last movie you watched

thanks to given. i tried really hard not to laugh, but eventually i caved, this dumb movie is actually kind of funny in a i don't know if i should laugh or throw up kind of way.

Day 61 – School class picture

thats right. i drew a heart around this face. bahaha

Day 62 – Last place you traveled to

vieques. learn about it.

Day 63 – Sports awards

so competitive what can I say, I think I see a trophy AND a medal. boo yah.

Day 64 – Favorite childhood book

ny times best seller!

Day 65 – A picture of you and your bestfriend

gringa y chola

Day 66 – A picture in your room

we are gettin the boot from our current dwelling...ahhhhh

Day 67 – Something Green

do something granola-y, compost

Day 68 – A magazine you like

Day 69 – Something Red

meat. and i like it rare.

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