About Me

I really thought I could do this whole blogging thing a few years back. Like, it would be so easy to just log on and write a few things each day, surely people care about what I am doing on the regular. But for some reason blogging became a chore, it became another dirty dish in the sinmichelle-headshotk that I couldn’t bear to wash, another lost sock behind the washing machine and than BAM 5 years passed without one single blog entry. Honestly that is just not fair to you guys.  I mean my life can be pretty exciting. Sometimes its pretty bland. Either way I have to share these moments with the rest of the world.  I am making a stand today, October 20th, 2016 and committing to this blog for the next year. That’s right I am going to commit to keep this blog active for the next 365 days, and we can go ahead and reevaluate in a year. Now let’s go!


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