They don’t call it NashVegas for nothin’

So what in the heck is this Nashville place all about anyways?

it's the big red dot

That is what I was thinking as of Thursday. However, I spent a good 52 hours in Nashville this weekend and I am pretty sure I should have just been born with a pair of cowboy boots on sayin’ yall and drinking some good ol’ moonshine. (Yeah that stuff is for realz!!!)

But seriously this place is AH-MAY-ZING!!! To wrap up my trip in a few short things I did:

~ate shrimp and grits for the 1st time ever, that stuff is awesome~
~ saw a real live cowboy, actually I saw about 1 million but only one of them was that memorable.
we couldn't stop taking photo's of this "cowboy" if you will. i mean the chest hair. the guitar pick necklace. the perm. that hat. it was AWESOME.
saw elvis.
found out that Honky Tonk is an actual thing.
came face to face with a real live cowboy boot. this is when i knew the southern life was for me. and I went out on a mission to find the biggest cowboy boot in town.
SUCCESS!!!! However, I passed out at the sight of this gem, but seriously that thing was enormous.
met some really amazing people who proved that southern hospitality is no joke!
they made us some peachy moonshine, that stuff will lay you out but it was scrumptious. (brewer you are getting way too much face time here)
dancing. enough said.
and I got to spend my whole weekend with two of the bestest friends you could ever ask for ❤
not to mention this guy. this guy= awesome.
and i cannot forget this gorgeous lady in blue. she is pretty much the coolest lady in that town.

So that picture re-cap is going to have to do it, at least for the edited version of our weekend. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for changing my life, I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Nashville and all you party animals. See you on the flip side. xoxo

me > nail biting….

i think i can i think i can i think i can i think i can i think i can i think i can….now can i? I am trying to quit biting my nails, 20+ years of biting your fingernails can really put a damper on your, well, fingers. Below you will see what my fingers look like prior to this challenge.

gross. I know.

Not so cute ay? You should have seen the look on the Vietnamese manicurist when I asked to get a manicure. She looked at me and said: “you want whaaa?” I said, “I would like a manicure”  I mean I didn’t just walk in this place by accident lady.I showed her my finger and she made the face pictured above….not cool little asian lady.

Apparently she thought it was a joke. I was like, look i get it my nails look like they have been devoured by some sort of wild animal and I have just painted the skins on the tips of my nails to cover up the disaster. But no, this is really what my nails look like!  I get it, my boy friend tells me I have ET fingers, and as cute as that little critter is I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE AN EXTRA TERRESTRIAL ON MY HAND, NOR DO I WANT TO LOOK LIKE ONE ANY WHERE ELSE ON MY BODY!

favorite little alien of all time

So, I continue on with wanting my nails done. The lady decides that I need to get acrylics because my nails are so helpless. So she starts with the process, cleaning my cuticles, taking off the nail polish and so on and so on and next thing you know I am already at the “go wash yo han” part. So I go ahead and wash my hands, come back, she whips out some magical tools, some special glue and a little glitter and next thing you know my fingers look like this:

just a little too angled for me i think.

I mean I LOVE the design, Obvi but I just thought they were a little too sharp and i was looking for something with a little bit of color. She did not like that I was not such a fan of her work but reluctantly removed the fake nails and started again.  This time she whipped out her magical tools, the same some special glue, lots of little glitter and a trunk full of arts and crafts materials. I could NOT wait to see what was going to happen, so I closed my eyes and let this little Vietnamese lady go to TOWN on my fingers. I was awoken to her shaking my shoulder and telling me she was “armost done”.  I could not believe the magic that was in front of me and I am so happy to share it with you today:

booo yah, now that is what i is talkin abouts

I felt like my very own version of the black swan, although a lot less crazy and with obviously much better looking feathers! it was the most magical thing i had ever seen. I knew I would not have ET hands forever…

unfortunately most of that is not even close to being true, but what fun is a story about trying to ax your finger nail biting addiction without a few fibs thrown in the mix? I will upload pics as soon as the little remnants of a finger nail begin to grow in. STaY tUneD!!!!……………..

I CAN COOK! well lets not get ahead of ourselves

It’s 6:00 pm (on any M-F) I begin the trek home from work. 6:00pm isn’t actually the worst time to leave work, if that is what you are thinking. I avoid the 5:00pm rush hour, which often times here in Denver results in one or two car accidents just on Colorado Blvd alone. The entire ride home, usually about 20 minutes, consists of the thought, “what am I going to have for dinner”?…hmmmm.  and most days it is the same old, same old, same old boring dish. I boil some water, put in some pasta, let cook, strain the pasta, douse in butter and cover with a few layers of Parmesan cheese. boring?

Yesterday, however, was an entirely different day. I did something I don’t usually do, I cooked a delicious meal from scratch in less than one hour total and about $10 for 6 stuffed peppers. BOOYAHHH!!!

Yesterday’s Adventure:

While sitting at my desk and thinking hard about another way to procrastinate, that is after stalking all my “friends” on Facebook, checking out the latest Groupon and of course playing solitaire until I won, I began looking up recipes online. Now, if you know me well you know Taco Bell and a box of Barilla Pasta are about the closest to cooking as I get, very ethnic I know! Well, down from the heavens came the idea for stuffed peppers. Have I ever had one? Nope. Have I ever seen one? Nope. Do I even know anyone who has ever talked about them? Nope.  All that aside, I decided yesterday was the day of the stuffed pepper. And after the little bit of grocery shopping and minimal prep/cooking needed, I will most definitely be making those little buggers again. I suggest you follow my instructions below, cook them yourself and tell me what you think!



– Bottle of Red Wine ( to drink while prepping/cooking/baking/eating).

– 6 peppers (i got red ones because they were only .77 cents/ea)

– 1.25 lbs of ground meat of your preference (turkey with italian seasonings is my fav)

– Brown Rice ( minute rice, should be called 5 minute rice if you ask me)

– Leftover veggies from fridge ( I have an onion, half a tomato, a few mushrooms and a little zucchini)

– Some sort of tomato sauce ( I used pasta sauce with veggies, yumyum)

– Garlic (minced from a can SOOO easy)

– Spices from spice rack (garlic salt, oregano, pepper, sale, whatever else looks/smells good)

– shredded cheese ( any kind)


– cut tops off peppers, and de-seed and de-gut, throw in large pot of boiling water that covers all of them for 5 minutes or so

-cook meat in large pan,

-cook rice in small sauce pan

-add veggies, spices of liking, tomato sauce and rice into the pan with meat and let simmer for a little bit.

-get out a baking dish, cover it in tin foil

– when the peppers are done boiling take them out and place them in baking dish, add meat, rice, sauce etc to each pepper, cover with tin foil and throw in oven for about 40 minutes on 300-450 degrees

-when the timer goes off cover those suckers with cheese and take the tin foil cover off, cook for an additional 5 minutes and BOOM!

chef boyardee in the house!!

pretty nice looking huh? that’s what I thought. Now you go ahead and make them, and love them, and share them with the world.

peace out.

Happy. Wednesday.

Last night I knew I was getting sick. I could feel it. My head hurt, my throat hurt and basically my entire body ached. Not fun. So today I woke up and went to Target, my all-time favorite store, to get some Theraflu. That is all I needed, just one package of Theraflu. But who can go into target and leave with exactly the one thing they went in to buy? NOT ME! 🙂 I get trapped in Target every time I go there.  Today not only did I get the Theraflu I needed but I also bought some Winter Squash soup as well as some Tomato and Herb soup, an Odwalla C-Monster drink, an orange, dog food, pig ear treats (for dogs) an Us Weekly and some greek yogurt. I’d say that is pretty good for me.

So now here I am, sick as a dog at work because I don’t have very many PTO days left, enjoying my Theraflu, Odwalla C-Monster and my Us Weekly. Not a bad day at all considering where I am. Kick in Theraflu, kick in!!!