Hiatus is officially over! Guess who’s back?!?

So, yes, I have been out of commission for quite a while but I am back. I hired an interim Blogger to fill in while I was away…needless to say she will not be hired again. 🙂 However, from here on out I am in town, with internet ( at least during the week), a new non-cracked cell phone, and some good stuff for ya. thanks for your patience homies! Day 25 – A gift from a friend Day 26 – A gift from your family

feliz cumpleanos a mi

Day 27 – The shoes you wore today

.post traumatic foot surgery.

Day 28 – The shirt you wore today

lulu obv

Day 29 – A pretty flower(yes go take a picture of a flower)

they look so pritaaay

Day 30 – Your breakfast

scrumdidlyumptious donuts from jelly. yum. yum. yum.

Day 31 – A picture of yourself taken today

shelly ray cyrus

Day 32 – Something you collect

collecting: a gentle way to describe hoarding unnecessary random stuff.

Day 33 – Something you made

i am making this, it is not made yet

Day 34 – Something that makes you smile

money does bring happiness.

Day 35 – Favorite movie that you own

f-o-c-k-e-r just like it sounds.

Day 36 – A place were you spend a lot of time Day 37 – The last restaurant you ate at

.enough said.

Day 38 – A useless trinket you own

biggie biggie biggie can't you see...

Day 39 – Your favorite picture Day 40 – An embarrassing picture from your childhood

nothing to say about that.

Day 41 – Someone in your family Day 42 – Something you did today

ouchie wah wah

Day 23

I would like to take the time to introduce myself, ahem… For those of you who are unlucky enough to have never met me I am Courtney aka Boots, as Michelle so fondly refers to me as.  I will be taking over as interim blogger while Shell Shell is down in the Sunshine state searching for other shells.

So Day 23, leads us to the search for a school picture.  While I am fortunate enough to find myself in a profession where school pictures seem to be a daily occurence (seriously almost everyday in my mailbox there is a new picture, either solo or class, somehow the people from Lifetouch always seem to find their way into my building and capture every precious moment), I however choose not to use a photo from my recent elementary years.  For your viewing pleasure I am lucky enough to have a kindergarten photo in my possession.  Some may think it’s a little vain, but I like to keep a shrine of myself in my living room.  The reason for this is simple, people are much better at looking at pictures than listening, so therefore I display photos of myself throughout my childhood, so that no one has to ask, “how did you become such an outstanding, successful individual?”  Or, “so what is your natural hair color?”I  can simply point to the pictures and the path is illuminated.  So enjoy Kindergarten Courtney, circa 1989!

Day 22 – Favorite cd that you own

favorite what? cd…what is a cd? that is a thing of the past these days and was definitely not an easy find…however, what i would really like to find now is my discman. that would be a sweet find, oh how i begged for one of those. not one of those sick, yellow and grey ones but the legit solid black one. if only i had a time machine…but i don’t so I just have my ipod, ghetto phone and laptop where I watch my fav shows snooki’s world aka Jersey Snore..zzzz and teen mom 2 which is amazing. speaking of, our trivia team Teen Mom 5 did awesome last night.

but back to the lecture at hand, if you want to listen to a good cd get the one below on itunes, i love it.

what a gem

Day 21 – A picture of your cell phone

remember when I said my phone is a piece of junk?

.no there is not an app for that.

many times a day and hundreds of times a month people say to me one of the following phrases:

“OH MY LORD, what happened to your phone?”

“You should have a case for that”

“Looks like your phone has seen better days?”

“Dang girl what on earth did you do to your cell phone?”

“Doesn’t that screen bother you?”

“Whoa…you still have that cracked phone?”

“Oh Michelle, you broke another iPhone?”

“Why don’t you just get a Motorola razor or something cheap like that?”

“Do you like slice your fingers open every day on that phone?”

“Why don’t you just get the new iPhone 4?”

“You so ghetto girl, fo real!”


And, well, the list goes on and on and on and just when I think I have heard all I can hear about the phone someone mentions it to me again. Well, newsflash, I actually use the phone every day. No, I don’t want to have a cracked piece of junk phone but thanks to some a$$hole at the Avalanche game, I no longer have my iPhone4, so yes I did have the new phone, then someone stole it and I had to go back to the old phone. The old, cracked phone that has served as the number one icebreaker known to man. Everyone has a comment and a great idea and a question. Well today I am coming forward and saying I am sick of all your stupid questions. So here are my answers, and please don’t ask me anymore. 🙂

“OH MY LORD, what happened to your phone?” ~ Ummm What do you think happened to my phone, I dropped it about 100 times. Duh.

“You should have a case for that” ~ Well would’t that just have been a great idea…How about I did have a case on it.

“Looks like your phone has seen better days?” ~ You think?

“Dang girl what on earth did you do to your cell phone?” ~ I dropped it. What on earth do you think I did to my cell phone?

“Doesn’t that screen bother you?” ~ Apparently not as much as it is bothering you, and for the record no it doesn’t bother me…well not anymore.

“Whoa…you still have that cracked phone?” ~ Yep, as you can see by the fact that I am using the phone right in front of your face. Dang, anything else?

“Oh Michelle, you broke another iPhone?” ~ Well, actually I have just broke this phone 100 times, so no its not another phone its the same old piece of junk.

“Why don’t you just get a Motorola razor or something cheap like that?” ~ Because that would be ghetto.

“Do you like slice your fingers open every day on that phone?” ~ Do you see any cuts on my fingers? Do you see any band aids?

“Why don’t you just get the new iPhone 4?” ~ Remember I had it and some douche stole it? Why don’t you just go ahead and ask me if I want to face time and rub it in a little more?

“You so ghetto girl, fo real!” ~ Tell me something I don’t know. winning.

So here I am answering all your lingering questions about why I have a cracked phone and why I will have one the next time you see me. Unless anyone is interested in handing over $600 for a new phone ( yeah that’s the price if you are not eligible for an upgrade) didn’t think so.  Please, please, please stop with the questions and just embrace it.

Because I am willing to bet, to all my iphone brothers and sisters out there, that if we both leave our phones on a table in a bar I will get mine back and well, yours will be history. sorry.

Day 20 – Your Grades/Report card

The college alphabet…A, B, C, D, F..I speak it fluently, so fluently in fact that they let me out of the University with a degree. I know, crazy as it may be, it’s true. No, you will not get to see my report card/transcript. Why not you ask? Cause that would be creepy and then you would be  jealous of me and while the thought of that does make me happy, it’s just not going to happen.

However, I am prof that ( a+b)+(c+d)f= college grad and that just wants to make me sing out loud to this music video, maybe a little dancing too.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8fysvEFIck


dah na na na na na na na...Go Hawks!



Day 18 – Your favorite outfit

depends on the day. depends on the weather. depends on where you are. depends on who you are with. depends on what you are doing.  usually i just prefer yoga clothes, guaranteed comfy, always fit like a glove, rather cute in my opinion and well you can do just about anything in them except go to da club…unce unce unce unce and that is okay by me, I’d rather wear my least favorite outfit to da club…

...jlo style...

i love lulu yoga clothes…so go ahead and get your yoga on, or at least just put on the clothes  you will love them.