Run Timber Run

This year has been one for the books. In fact the reason I intended to resurrect this blog was to try and detour from the political jargon that has been overwhelming in, what I imagine is, everyones life.

With that said, as you may know earlier this year I quit my job and moved up to Steamboat Springs, CO where I spent the first few months watching Netflix with my pups and furiously studying to get my Real Estate Brokers License. Believe it or not I passed both parts of the exam on the first try. (pause for round of applause)  So here I am working away in Steamboat, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been able to both work and live and loving every minute of getting my Real Estate business off the ground! Which brings me to my reason for writing today – I recently got my first listing!

I was recently lucky enough to meet an amazing couple at an Open House here in Steamboat. They were in town from the Midwest, I am from the Midwest, so clearly we clicked right away; I felt like I had known them for years.  From that day we have stayed in contact, I just thought they were great and was excited to have some friends in town, since they do visit pretty regularly. However, I was beyond elated when they asked me to help them sell their condo here in Steamboat. I just listed this condo last week, an amazing 2 bedroom 2 bathroom ground level unit on the mountain and had to share the photos with you guys because I love this unit!

Ground level condo in Timber Run just listed!

*2 bedroom/2 bath
*Fully furnished!
*Newly remodeled with open floor plan
*High-end finishes including a new home theater system with Plasma television, tile showers, and private laundry in unit
*Sliding glass doors that open up to your own spacious, private patio overlooking pool and hot tubs
*Proven rental income

Timber Run offers an array of amenities. You receive on-site front desk check-in, ski season shuttles, complimentary coffee and doughnuts in the winter and outdoor tennis courts in the summer in addition to the outdoor heated pool, three hot tubs, and community grilling area. Perfect for anyone! This condo is less than 500 yards to Gondola Square, 3 blocks from the slopes and just minutes to downtown.

Let me know what you think, and let me know if I can help you buy or sell a home or help you find a realtor!



What do you do for work?


Probably one of the most frequently asked questions you receive, and more than likely ask, upon meeting new folks in your life. Does anyone really care what I do? probably not.

This is why so many people spend their weekdays filling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc with photos from their weekends, vacation, and so on. You’re not kidding anyone. We know where you are right now and it’s not on that booze cruise or hiking trail. You’re at your desk. Just like the rest of us, well most of us. I am all in for the office selfie revolution, whenever that should happen. I mean at least we can all be in this together. And for those of you who are really on that hiking trail or booze cruise, I am just jealous. img_7448


Back to my original thought regarding the question “What do you do?”.

Having always been one of those people who never knew what I wanted to do/be when I grew up I always feel a bit put off when meeting someone for the first time and having them ask me, “So what do you do?” I’m probably just put off because there is no clear answer for what I “do” and to be honest, I do a lot of things. I feel so much pressure in that question. There is way more to me than just what I do during the day.

Here are a few  things I do, in no particular order:

*I lurk on Instagram with the intensity of a cheetah chasing a gazelle searching for the dankest memes of the day.


This often leads me to ponder where did all of these creative people come from and how do they come up with this stuff. Honestly it’s mind boggling and my jealousy level of these people is steady hovering at about 10/10.

*I take Buzzfeed quizzes, because how else am I supposed to know what Random Female Celebrity I am ? I got Cobie Smulders in case you were wondering. Not sure who she is, find out here.

*I read the local Steamboat newspaper police blotter. One of my all time favorite police altercations  -> fullsizerender-3







I won’t continue with my other random daily habits because some things are better left unsaid. However, back to the point, what do I even do for work. If you really want to know what I spend the majority of my time doing here goes nothing. I would say I casually split my time unevenly amongst these two careers.

Job #1 – Event Planning/Trash Lady


Job #2 -Real Estate Broker/Cool Thumbs Up Photo Bomber

Closing Day.jpg


So that’s what I do. I plan events like marathons and 5k runs and I sell real estate. There ya go folks. Now ya know. So if you want to plan an event or sell/buy a house I got you!

Anyways, the next time we meet up, or you meet up with someone new, try to up the conversation game.  Here’s some help. Special thanks to Huffington Post as well,who just gets it.

Instead of these…

  • “How was your day?”
  • “Where are you from?”
  • “What do you do?”
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “How was your weekend?”
  • “How are you?”
  • “What’s up?”

Try these…

  • “Tell me three unlikely things you did today.”
  • “What’s the strangest thing about where you grew up?”
  • “What are you looking forward to this week?”
  • “Who do you think is the luckiest person in this room?”
  • “What does this house remind you of?”
  • “If you could teleport by blinking your eyes, where would you go right now?”
  • If we have a mutual friend – “What are your 3 favorite things about xxxx?”
  • If you have a significant other – “What are two/three things you love about that person?”

Good luck out there friends, you got this!










TODAY IS THE DAY…maybe, kind of, sorta

Today I am going to revive this bad boy, this electronic collection of photos and excerpts of my life. I don’t want people to think the only things I do are rescue dogs and re-post memes.  I mean yes that is the majority of my life, I love dogs and I love memes, and really love dog memes. But I am not just this crazy dog woman who has nothing else going on, and with the great revival of this blog I will prove that to you, or at least I will give it my best shot….img_6474

to the rescue – La Junta Dogs 1/15/2012

photo.JPG                         photo.JPG                         photo.JPG

 sadie.                                                        sammy.                                                sancho. 

This little/big Golden Retriver had just arrived at the La Junta pound the day or two before we got there, so it had to stay, and we couldn’t take it with us.  😦 Legally, the pounds must keep the dogs for 5 days so the owners can come a find them. After 5 days, they put the dog “up for adoption” aka give it a few days before they put it down.  The black and brown dog, sammy, is only about 1 year old. Brand new adult teeth. I forget if it was a boy or a girl, so I thought sammy would be a good middle of the road name ( ill just say she’s a she for now). She was so scared in the little cage  and shaking so I took her out to play with her and she couldn’t have been happier. It took her about 30 seconds to jump into my arms. She was just the best little dog. The last little guy, sancho, was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. A long haired german shepard, I was told? He still has his baby teeth and is fluffy as can be, and quite a big puppy. He is going to be a big boy!

i’m personally a little partial to sancho —->     photo.JPG  photo.JPG


photo.JPG nancy mcFLea.

this little corgi/chihuahua was picked up by a rescue in Wyoming. She was the sweetest pup, and just sat in Ashley’s lap the whole drive home. Probably because she had just been attacked by satan dog, but also most likely becuase she was a stray. She was very underweigh and very skiddish of any sudden noises. However, she was quite the lover and just wanted to be held and loved giving kisses to the big dogs!

photo.JPG wild man. 

This husky mix, was also most likely a long time stray or maybe just a runaway. He was an expert escape artist, but was also a very good companion in the car, he napped almost the whole way from La Junta to Denver! He is now in a foster home, but they are hoping to adopt him!


Charlie is a staffordshire terrier/mixesh type. He was such a gentleman, and didn’t mind being crammed in the back seat of the car with 8 other dogs. I just think he was happy to get out of the pound. My friend Sarah is fostering him and he is loving every minute of it. I don’t think he will be their foster pup for long, because I have a feeling they are going to adopt him and make him an “official” member of the family, although he already feels like the king of the castle!

photo.JPG bubba. photo.JPG   photo.JPG

bubba was  a puppy mastiff mix who was picked up by Doggy Dog world

he puts the world Gentle Giant into action. It was hard to let him go, even though i only knew him for a few hours, it felt like he had been my pup for ever!

no photo yet.beagle.

no photo yet.    brown/tan terrier mix.